What we do

The short answer is that we (AmaTango) dance and teach argentinian tango in Österlen, Sweden, and around Europe.

The slightly longer answer is that we are an international couple (me Joel from Sweden and Anne from Germany) that met each other a little short of 12000km away in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and soon after moved together in Berlin. After 2 years in Berlin we moved to Sweden and live now in Månslunda Skola, in a 100 year old school in Österlen.

Anne works as a full time tango teacher while I dabble in other IT related things to make ends meet. Since we don’t really share a mother tongue we talk in a mix of English, German, Swedish and Spanish; with me still having the upper hand in Swedish (barely) and Anne winning in German and Spanish.

AmaTango is our try to create a friendly, warm, inspiring and understandable teaching environment for learning … you guessed it: Tango! We hope to explain not only how its done, but also why it is done or at least why we think it is done in one way or the other. Helping you get a good ground to grow your tango on that makes sense, whether its about the embrace, the step, musicality or feeling.

Hope to see you soon at one of our classes.


Anne and Joel